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310ml wide neck bottle with handle

310ml wide neck bottle with handle
  • 310ml wide neck bottle with handle
Product name : 310ml wide neck bottle with handle
Product No. : HSK07
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Name:Wide Neck PPSU Feeding Bottle with handle & straw
Capacity: 310ML/ 10 oz
Material: Bottle: PPSU from Germany BASF
               Nipple: liquid silicone
               Handle,cap,ring: PP
Color: Customized
Packing: Gift box,PET box,OPP bag
Tel : +86-769-82081337
Fax : +86-769-82081373
Mobile : +86-13827243655
E-mail: salesmanager@sinyagloble.com
Skype: nancy.lee957
Add: Guangjingtou,Fenggang,Dongguan,China

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