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About Us

      SINYA Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer since 2010,it's majoy in plastic mold R&D and Injection,special  facus on PP baby bottle,PPSU baby bottle,parts of glass baby bottle,kids water cup,tableware and some other baby products,we main offer OEM ODM manufacturing service for our customers. 
      Quality is our Cultrure,keep the products safety is our mission and our business conception is : DO PRODUCT BY HEART.
      Let all the mother in the whole world use our products trustingly is our aim.

  Factory Show:


Tel : +86-769-82081337
Fax : +86-769-82081373
Mobile : +86-13827243655
E-mail: salesmanager@sinyagloble.com
Skype: nancy.lee957
Add: Guangjingtou,Fenggang,Dongguan,China

skype: nancy.lee957  
QQ: 785300355  
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